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The Chipmunk is a three terminal 3.4 liter ionization chamber designed for measuring low levels of radiation.

It consists of a bakelite and polystyrene chamber housed inside of an aluminum housing. The housing provides an external gas tight seal. The center electrode is large for use in pulsed fields.

Ionization Chamber: Sealed, 3422 cc
Wall Materials: 0.125” thick bakelite walls and high impact polystyrene end plates; 0.049 Al outside wall
Central Electrode: 2” dia 0.063 wall
Signal Connector: 0.080 dia feedthrough
High Voltage Connector: 0.080 dia feedthrough
Signal Output: 2.3 x 10E -9 C/mrad
Leakage: less than 10 fA at 1700V
High Voltage Requirements: positive or negative polarity 300V to 1000 V, nominally 800V.
Calibration furnished: C/mR. Ra226
Overall Size and Weight: length including pinch off tube and connectors:mf 13.0 inches; 6 in Dia.

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