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Health Physics Instruments
Dosimetry Price List Domestic Dosimetry History Radiation This Page
FWT-60-XX Dosimeters IC-17 1CC Ion Chamber REM500 Neutron Survey Meter Dosimetry Price List Export Detectors QA    

FWT-70-XX Dosimeters

IC-18 0.1 CC Ion Chamber 1010 TE Survey Meter Detector Price List Domestic Health Physics Instruments Staff    
FWT-50-Alanine Pellet Dosimeters IC-80 80 CC Ion Chamber 1030 Pulse Ion Chamber Survey Meter Detector Price List Export HPI Calibration Location and Travel Info    
FWT-100S PC Based Reader IC-1000 1000 CC Ion Chamber 1075 Dual Ion Chamber Survey Meter HPI Price List Domestic Service Calibration History
FWT-200S PC Based Opti-Chromic Reader LET-1/2 0.5" LET Chamber 2010 Area Monitor HPI Price List Export        
FWT-91R Analog Reader LET-2 2" LET Chamber 2030 Low Energy Area Monitor Calibration & repair Price List     New  
FWT-92D Digital Reader LET-SW1/2 0.5" Single Wire Chamber 3220 Environmental Field Unit          
Filter Sets LET-SW2 2" Single Wire Chamber 4020 Shadow Contamination Meter 6012 Local Readout 6000 Series Monitors      
Supplies and Accessories LET-SW5 5" Single Wire Chamber 4022 Signal Gamma Survey 6025 Digital Controller 7000 Rainbow MCA   Webmaster  
  EIC-1 Extrapolation Chamber 4080 Canary II Dosimeter 6014 Pulse Link Receiver        
  GM1&2 GM Detector 4083 Canary III Dosimeter 6020 Low Level Monitor        
  GFS-1 Gas Fill System 4084 Canary IV Dosimeter 6030 Low Level Ion Chamber Detector        
  FW-AD1 TEPC Environmental Monitor 5000 Cypher Survey Meter 6031 Ion Chamber        
  1055 Chipmunk Ion Chamber 5500/5505 Pancake Probe 6035 Ion Chamber Detector        
    5530/7530 Scintillation Probe 6060 >1GeV Neutron Detector        
    5085 Meridian Neutron Survey Meter DL1 Data Logger        

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