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MODEL 6060



The model 6060 is a neutron rem detector. It is designed to be operated with the 6000 series components. The detector is a modified Anderson Braun type detector. The high energy range has been extended into the GeV range by the use of lead compensators inside the detector.

The detector is a stand alone component needing only 12 volts to operate. The preamp and power supply are included and are mounted on the end of the detector. High voltage, discriminator and gain are all set digitally. The preamp is designed for low noise and low microphonic response. The electronics is housed in a sealed housing to eliminate atmospheric and electrical noise. The output is a series of pulses proportional to the radiation field. The instrument has TTL, 12V, and PULSE-LINK outputs.

PULSE-LINK is a system that combines the output pulses and the 12 volt power supply together on one coax cable. This allows the detector to be remotely powered and operated on only a single piece of coax. This greatly eases setup in existing facilities and also makes it simple to provide temporary placement using existing coax runs. Of course separate signal and power lines may also be used.


Size & Weight: 9.3 in Dia L x 14.2 in H , 37 lbs, electronics housing overhangs moderator by 0.6 in.
Construction: Detector is polyethylene. Electronic housing is gasketed cast aluminum. Desiccant is provided in housing for humidity control.
External connectors: BNC for data (PULSE-LINK), TWINAX for RS232 or RS485 if pulse-link not used, Multipin for test points and serial data. Also used for power and or pulses if not using pulse-link.

Construction: Polyethylene and boron plastic moderator with internal lead compensators to extend the high energy range in excess of 1 GeV.
Detector Type: Bf3
Sensitivity: Approx. 15,000 counts per mrem.
Gamma sensitivity: Insensitive up to 500 R/h of CS137.

High voltage: Digitally set, 300V to 1900V in ~2 volt steps.
Discriminator: Digitally set in 32 steps
Gain: Digitally set, 4 possible choices.
Output pulse: TTL or PULSE-LINK
Data Storage: All digital settings are non volatile.
Data setup: External 5V Serial link. May use model 6120 breakout box.
Display: Counts from detector.
Power requirements: 12 VDC (supplied by Pulse-Link)

Temperature range: -10 to 50 C
Humidity range: 0 to 99% condensing. Interior desiccated.

External RS485 control and data communications, He3 Detector
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