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Energy Response


The Model 2030 is designed to monitor low energy xray machines or any source of low energy gammas. It is particularly useful for avoiding accidental exposures around xray diffraction machines where it is not difficult to have a severe radiation accident.

The two piece high quality instrument utilizes a thin wall ion chamber as the detector. The readout can be placed wherever it is convenient and the detector can be mounted in any orientation on the wall, ceiling, or the machine itself.

There are 4 separate alarms. A low level alert alarm, a high level alert alarm, a rate of rise alarm and a fast response alarm. In addition there is also a malfunction alarm.

The front panel of the readout has visual and audible indicators for the alarm status and also an LCD that reads the radiation level. The alarm level adjustments are all made inside the readout and are set digitally. An RS-232 output is also available.

The instrument setup allows you to configure the instrument as you want. The operation of the instrument is very programmable which helps it meet many different needs. The trip sets, time counting intervals, annunciators, and delays are all user setable.

Monitoring low energy sources of Xrays or Gammas is important in any radiation safety program. The model 2030 Low Energy Area Monitor can assist your program and help it to meet its safety goals.


Detector size: overall including mounting bracket: 8 1/2" W, 7 1/2" D, 13 1/2" H
Display size: overall including mounting bracket: 8" W, 3" D, 7 1/2" H
Weight: Detector: 4 lb.; Readout: 3 lb.
Mounting bracket: Tilting mounting bracket supplied with both detector and readout.
I nternal controls: Detector has 1 adjustment, Readout has a contrast adjustment. Three push buttons under lower cover in readout for setting functions.
Sealing: Electrometer is sealed and desiccated.

Ion chamber: 3.6 liter size. It is unsealed and vented. Wall: polypropylene, .065" thick, Dag coating inside

Display: 2 line x 16 character alphanumeric supertwist LCD
Contrast: adjustable from inside
Power: Units operate on 12 VDC supplied by wall transformer powered by 110 VAC 60 Hz ,16 Watts
Detector operation: Detector is a periodically reset integrator
Interconnection: Power from wall transformer is routed to display. Cable between detector and readout is a 4 conductor cable containing signal and power. Shielding is preferable in noisy locations. All signals are digital
Connectors: Both Detector and Readout use removable terminal blocks which allow the units to be removed by unplugging the terminal blocks and leaving the wiring in place. The removable terminal blocks permit installation with just a screwdriver.

Display: Display shows counts per second, Updated every second. Display is not in radiation units, and cannot be calibrated, but is proportional to radiation. This alleviates having to calibrate the instrument.
Sensitivity: Approx. 250 CPS/mR/h
Maximum rate: 6000 CPS
Alarms: 4 different alarms. Each alarm can be set to control one or more of the front panel annunciators (LEDs, buzzer, relay and additional outputs). Adjustable time before trip, trip level, interval to trip, and delay after trip. Individual alarms may be turned off. Malfunction alarm if no counts received in a programmed time.
Factory setup: Alarm 1 is a rate alarm. Alarm 2 is for fast moving high radiation. Alarm 3 is for a warning alarm. Alarm 4 looks at long and short term average for a rate of rise alarm.
Turn on time: Variable from 0 to 255 seconds.
RS-232 output: 9600 baud sends our counts from the detector, and status.
Maintenance: Several maintenance and test modes available for system checkout and repair.

Response time: .1 second minimum, 25 seconds maximum. User setable for each alarm.
Minimum trip level: Unit will trip reliably at .4 mR/h.

Use: Designed for interior use. Electronics are not sealed.
Operating range: 10° C to 40° C
Humidity: 10% to 90% RH non condensing.
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