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Contact Person
The contact person for this department is Deborah Thiele.

Calibration Services
HPI offers full calibration and repair services on all manufacturers instruments.

Manuals and Documents
Click on the following description to download or see the document

Model Instrument Description Document Description Size in K
1010 TE Ion Chamber User Manual 167
1030 Pulse Ion Chamber User Manual 133
2010 Area Monitor User Manual 75
2030 Low Energy Area Monitor User Manual 535
2080 Pulse Neutron Monitor User Manual 810
3020 Multifunction Survey Meter User Manual 232
3220 Environmental Monitor Logger User Manual 29
4020 Shadow Contam Survey Meter User Manual 200
4022 Signal Survey Meter User Manual 247
4080 Canary II Dosimeter User Manual 35
4080 Canary II Dosimeter Repair Manual 152
4083 Canary III Dosimeter User Manual 37
4083 Canary III Dosimeter Repair Manual 104
4084 Canary IV Dosimeter User Manual 7
4084 Canary IV Dosimeter Repair Manual 134
5000 Cypher Survey Meter User Manual 667
5085 Meridian Neutron Monitor User Manual 815
5085 Meridian Neutron Monitor Detector Cleaning 143
5085 Meridian Neutron Monitor Accessory Use 54
6012 Digital Display User Manual 267
6030 Area Monitor Ion Chamber User Manual 233
6031 Area Monitor Ion Chamber User Manual 412
6060 Extended Range Neutron Detector User Manual 222
7000 Rainbow MCA User Manual 1725
7000 Rainbow MCA Serial Download Info. App Literature 6
REM 500 Neutron Monitor original manual User Manual 737
REM 500B Neutron Monitor l User Manual 1567

Interesting articles, comments or stories not covered elsewhere.

Name Description Size
Excuse.doc How NOT to treat a customer. Believe it or not, this happened to us almost exactly as it is written. I won't name who the supplier was but caveat emptor. 27K
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