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The contact person for this department is Deborah Thiele.

Manuals and Documents
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Model Description Document Description Size in K
EIC-1 Extrapolation Chamber Operation Manual 52
IC-17, IC-18,IC-80, IC-1000 Ion Chambers Operation Manual 60
GM-1 & 2 GM Detectors Operation Manual 76
LET-1/2 Linear Energy Transfer Chamber 1/2" ID Operation Manual 63
LET-2 Linera Energy Transfer Chamber 2.24" ID Operation Manual 61
LET-SW1/2 LET Single Wire Counters 1/2" ID Operation Manual 80
LET-SW2 LET Single Wire Counter 2.24" ID Operation Manual 60
LET-SW5 LET Single Wire Counter 5" ID Operation Manual 63
GFS-1 Gas Fill System Application Literature 89

Calibration Price List: Domestic and
Ionization Chambers are calibrated using Cs137 in both the air fill mode and the gas flow mode as required. Turn around time is usually 1 week.

The calibrated chamber is compared to a similar chamber which has been calibrated at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Data is given in R/Couloumb.

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