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For Export Service, Repair, and Calibration Price List Click Here

All prices and specifications subject to change without notice. FOB Goleta, California USA. Payment terms: Net 30 days. Visa®, MasterCard®, and the American Express® Card are accepted. Please consult the factory for quantity discounts. All prices in US$.

(1) Cash, check and on account (30 day) payment will receive a discount over list price.

Radiachromic or Opti-Chromic Reader Repair and Calibration

We do not have fixed prices for Reader Repairs. For lamps see the standard Radiachromic Price List. Reader calibration is performed by the user with irradiated dosimeters. Please consult PAL-1 for calibration instructions. We do offer a NIST traceable certification of the neutral density filter sets used to verify proper reader operation.

For FWT-82 and FWT-160 filter set calibration see the standard Radiachromic Price List


Precision Ion Chamber and LET Chamber Repairs and Calibrations

We do not have fixed prices for ion chambers, LET counters, GM -1 counters, or extrapolation chambers. Please ask for a quote. A typical ion chamber price is below.
Email: [email protected]

We will give you a quotation for a repair when you send the detector to us for evaluation.

Type Comment
List Price
Precision Ion Chamber Calibration
Gamma Calibration 1 Point in R/Coulomb Contact Factory

Survey Meter and Area Monitor Calibrations
Includes calibration for instruments manufactured by HPI as well as others.
For prices see HPI Price List.

Type Range/Comment
Gamma Calibrations
Rate Meter 0.001mR/h to 50 R/h
Rate Meter Before and after readings
Additional Probe Same time as Rate Meter Calibration
Extra Complicated Probes  
Dosimeters (All Types) 0.001 mR to 1000 R
Dosimeters (All Types) Before and after readings
Neutron Calibrations
Rate Meter 0.001mRem/h to 50 Rem/h
Rate Meter Before and after readings
Dosimeters (All Types) 0.001 mRem and up

Repairs and Warranty Repairs
Repairs not specified in this price list are billed for time spent. We will give you an estimate before proceeding with the repair. Warranty repairs are free, however you must pay for shipping the product to us; we will pay for the return shipping within the continental US.
For prices see HPI Price List.

Type Comment
Shop Time Repairs or Modifications
Parts Special Orders for Parts

Health Physics Instruments Repairs
Repairs are handled on an individual basis. Please send your instrument to us and we will evaluate it and give you an estimate. Below are some fixed price repairs and parts.
For prices see HPI Price List.

Type Comment
Model REM500
Refill Detector Leaktest and refill
Rebuild Detector Disassemble and repair
Replace Detector New Detector
Other Parts for Instruments
Pancake GM tube Standard 2" dia
4080 Switch Power on/off
4083 Switch Power on/off

Leak Tests
For prices see HPI Price List.

Type Comment
Leak Test Kit LTK-1
Leak Test Analysis First Wipe Alpha, Beta, and Gamma
Leak Test Analysis Additional Analysis

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