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FWT-60 series of radiochromic dosimeters are designed for radiation processing. They are thin, colorless films that gradually change to deep blue in relation to absorbed dose.

Colorless derivatives of the family of aminotriphenyl- methane dyes can be made radiochromic: that is they will change from colorless to a deeply colored state as a function of absorbed dose. The FWT-60 series of dosimeters use hexa(hydroxyethyl) aminotriphenylacetonitrile (HHEVC) dye. Analysis of the dosimeters is simple using a photometer or spectrophotometer. FWT manufactures Radiachromic readers designed specifically for analyzing its dosimeters. The wavelengths in general use are 510 nm and 600 or 605 nm. Together they cover the whole range of the dosimeter.

Type of Dosimeter: radiochromic thin film
FWT Trade name: Radiachromic Dosimeter
Dose Range: 0.5-200 kGy (0.05-20 Mrad)
Dose Rate Dependence: Independent to over 10E12 Gy/sec (10E14 rads/sec)
Intrinsic Sensitivity: The response (change in absorbance divided by thickness) is independent over unit thickness. Calibration of one thickness is applicable to all thicknesses.
Peak color wavelength: 605 nm
Wavelength of interest: 510 nm and 600 or 605 nm
Color Build Up Time: Typically within 1 hour
Color Change: Unirradiated: clear; irradiated: deep blue
UV Sensitivity: Will color when exposed to wavelengths less than 350 nm.

Ordering Information
FWT-60-00: 1 cm x 1 cm x 42-52 microns, 1000 pieces/box
FWT-60-20T: 10 x 10 cm sheets, priced per sheet
FWT-60-20F: 15 x 15 cm, priced per sheet
FWT-60-20S: Custom sizes to 45 x 15 cm, priced per sheet

FWT-80 Dosimeter Envelopes and FWT-81 Aluminum Laminated Pouches. These protect the dosimeters from stray light.
Inquire about having FWT package, condition and seal the film in pouches for you.

  Typical Characterization

Typical Radiation Response of FWT-60-00 Radiachromic Dosimeter

Typical Temperature Dependence of FWT-60-00, 30 kGy, 50% RH

Typical Humidity Dependence of FWT-60-00, 30 kGy, 20 Deg C

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