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Measures Neutrons and Gammas

Records LET Spectrum Every Minute

Self Contained

Optional GPS

Airline Monitoring

The HAWK measures mixed-field radiation environments, such as those found in space, commercial airlines, and many nuclear reactors. This Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (TEPC) instrument is specially constructed to allow accurate measurement of dose, including both neutrons and gammas. It includes a detector, an electronic amplifier, a spectrometer, and software for analyzing the data. A standard Compact Flash card is used for data storage and transfer via a PCMCIA slot in a PC.

The HAWK TEPC accurately measures radiation environments where the radiation spectrum and sources are constantly changing. For example, the instrument can be used inside an aircraft to measure varying radiation levels during a flight. The HAWK is superior to its predecessors, which only record the cumulative dose at a particular time. The instrument measures absorbed dose, dose equivalent, and LET spectra minute by minute. It is very sensitive, with the ability to measure the amount of energy deposited in one micrometer of tissue.

The instrument’s design was developed under contract to the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration and has been in use for more than ten years. It has been used on the Mir space station, the Discovery space shuttle, other National Aeronautics and Space Administration spacecraft, and airplanes.

Size: 16 cm dia, 34 cm long; carrying case: 35 x 65 x 20 cm
Weight: 5 kg with batteries; 10 kg with carrying case
Construction: aluminum housing. Controls and connections on front panel.
External Controls: 6 pushbuttons: 2 for power on/off and 4 softbuttons
External Connectors: RS232, external power, GPS antenna
External Displays and indicators: 2 lines x 16 character backlit LCD; 4 LEDs for low batt, error, battery power, and external power; piezo buzzer
Internal Controls: digitally set: HV and test pulser
Battery Access: 2 coin opened battery holders for 4 “D” cells

Detector Type: sealed spherical tissue equivalent proportional counter, Benjamin type
Detector Size : 12.5 cm dia spherical
Wall Material: A150 Conducting tissue equivalent plastic
Wall Thickness: 0.21 cm, 144 mg/cm
Filling Gas: propane, 2 micron site size, 7 torr

System Measurement Noise: <0.2 keV/mm FWHM
Microphonic Reduction Circuitry: rise time dependent
MCA: 2 channels, 1024 channels 0 to 1024 keV/mm, 256 channels 0 to 25.6 keV/mm
MCA Deadtime: 64 mSec
Warm Up Time: 2 minutes
Battery Life: 100 hours with alkaline heavy duty cells; 50 hours with optional GPS.
RS232 Link: upload and download data and configuration settings

Operating System: ROM DOS
Memory: compact flash memory, 1.2 Mbytes/day
Data: complete spectrum of both channels including status information is recorded every second
Optional GPS: records GMT time/date, longitude latitude and altitude
PC Software: Included

Ordering Information
FW-AD1: environmental Monitoring System
FW-AD1-GPS: GPS unit including antenna
FW-AD1-UPS: Universal Power Supply
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