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MODEL 6000

Flexible design


Measure microrem to megarad

Simple to assemble

The model 6000 series Area Monitoring System is designed to measure radiation in critical locations in any type of facility. Basically the system comprises various detectors that connect to a readout system. The readout system in turn can talk to a central computer over an HPI network. Each part of the system, from the detector to the readout is modularized. They may be used independently or together in many different arrangements.

Alarms, fault detection, and interlocks are all handled by the readout. The large alphanumeric displays show not only the radiation level but also the units such as rad, rem, Sv, or CPM. Status and auxiliary information is also displayed.

The detectors all contain electronics to condition the signal for transfer to the readout. In general this is a pulse type signal that is easily counted and transferred long distances. All the standard detector types are available. These include ion chambers, proportional counters, scintillators, and GM detectors.

The HPI network is the link between the various instruments. It allows both multiple readouts, or multiple detectors. From a basic simple area monitor of one detector and a one readout to a complicated system for a whole facility the HPI network related components work together. This allows practically unlimited flexibility in planning your installation.

HPI manufactures a line of different instruments for the HPI network. New instruments are being developed all the time that will work with it. If you do not find one that suits your needs please contact HPI. We may be able to alter an existing design to meet your needs or design a new component.
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