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TEL: 805 964 3615
FAX: 805 964 3162

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At Far West Technology and Health Physics Instruments we believe that servicing our customers is an important part of our business. We service, repair, and calibrate the devices and instruments that we sell. We also service, repair, and calibrate other manufacturers instruments used in health physics work.

We apologize if one of our products needs service or repair while under warranty. We will repair or replace it and return it to you as fast as possible. Please contact the service department to discuss the nature of the repair. Sometimes the problem can be resolved over the phone.

This Canary 4 needed extreme measures to repair.


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We service and repair all of the electronic and mechanical products we manufacture. We will examine the repair and tell you the cost before performing the work.

Radiachromic and Opti-Chromic Dosimeters
These dosimeters are not repairable and can only be replaced.

Radiachromic and Opti-Chromic Readers
These are repairable. Problems often arise from contamination in the optical light paths or deterioration of the filters. See the Radiachromic Price List for replacement lamps.

Ion Chambers, GM counters, LET Counters, and Extrapolation Chambers
These are all repairable. We can replace the windows on Extrapolation Chambers, repair the inside of LET Counters by removing and replacing the outer housing, and repair Ion Chambers to original specifications.

Health Physics Instruments Products
These are all repairable. Some older instruments (>15 years) may need a part substitution.

Health Physics Type Instruments
We can repair most instruments manufactured by others although we are not a designated repair facility for any other manufacturer.

Click here for more information on our HPI radiation calibrations.
We calibrate all of the products that we sell with the exception of chemical dosimeters. Each type of product requires a different type of calibration. All calibrations traceable to NIST.

Radiachromic and Opti-Chromic Dosimeters, Readers, and Systems
Radiachromic and Opti-Chromic Systems are calibrated by the user. The dosimeters are calibrated at a high dose irradiation facility at national standards labs such as NIST and NPL. For more information consult the product application literature PAL-1

Radiachromic (Model 82 and 160) and Opti-Chromic (Model 160) Neutral Density Filters
These are certified using a spectrophotometer.

Ion Chambers, GM counters, LET Counters, and Extrapolation Chambers
These are calibrated using either a CS137 gamma source or a Cf252 neutron source
in both the air fill mode and the gas flow mode as required. Turn around time is usually 1 week The calibrated chamber is compared to a similar chamber which has been calibrated at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Data is given in R/Coulomb.

Health Physics Instruments Products
We can calibrate all of the instruments in the HPI product line even if it is 25 years old. For more information see our HPI calibration page.

Health Physics Type Instruments
This includes survey meters, rate meters, area monitors, and dosimeters manufactured by HPI or any other manufacturer.
For more information see our HPI calibration page.

Far West Technology, Inc. and
Health Physics Instruments
Suite D
330 South Kellogg Ave,
Goleta, CA 93117

TEL: 805 964 3615
FAX: 805 964 3162
Email: info@fwt.com
When shipping instruments to us for repair or calibration please include the following:

A letter describing what service is required. For a repair, please state the problem and what you have observed.
Where to return the product and any special shipping instructions.
A contact person and their telephone number.
Specify a value for insurance. If you do not specify value we will insure it for a depreciated amount based on age and replacement cost.

The customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from the factory. If the repair is from an error on our part, or a warranty repair, we will pay the shipping back within the continental US.

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