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MODEL 2080

The model 2080 Pulse Neutron Survey Meter is designed to measure either pulsed or steady state neutrons. The instrument may be operated as a fixed monitor or as a portable monitor using internal batteries. The microprocessor based instrument displays the dose rate on a digital alphanumeric display.

The model 2080 uses the principal of nuclear capture to detect neutrons. The pulsed or steady state neutrons activate silver foil. The resultant beta is measured with a GM counter. A second GM counter subtracts the gamma background. This method of detection allows it to be used to measure very quick pulsed neutron fields.

In addition the model 2080 has an alarm capability along with a failsafe relay contact closure for use as an area monitor. A built in horn and light are activated with the radiation level is exceeded. The front panel also has a green, yellow, and red lamp to signify the radiation level at a glance. Also included are a self test capability, front panel lockout, RS232 link and a digital calibration routine.

The model 2080 offers all the capability, precision, and reliability that is expected from modern microprocessor based instruments.


Size: 20 x 11 x 9 in
Weight: 25 lb.
Configuration: 2 piece unit: Electronic display is mounted between the handles of the moderator/detector head. Units may be separated by up to 100 feet. Cable between units is 6 conductor low voltage shielded.
External Control/Indicators: test, reset, green LED, yellow LED, red LED, Lamps on-off, panel disable, power, alarm and average time set and display, volume, horn
External Connectors on Rear Panel: filtered line input, personal safety system, aux I/O, beam gate, signal to head.
Construction: painted aluminum chassis, anodized side rails, acrylic handle and poly moderator.

Type: 2 GM tubes, one wrapped with silver, the other with tin
Moderator: Polyethylene pseudosphere 9” dia.

Read-out: 16 character Alpha-Numeric LCD display
Range Neutron Field: 1 to 400 mrem/h
Range Gamma Field: 0 to 50 mR/h
Batteries: 15 hours life: 6 ea Nicad, float charged
Visual Alarms: Green LED: 0 to 2 mrem/h, Yellow LED: 3 to 19 mrem/h, Red LED: above 20 mrem/h. All three flash and horn turns on when alarm level is exceeded.
Outputs: RS232, Analog log of signal, raw counts from both GM detectors
Line Input: 110 VAC 50-60 Hz fused, filtered and protected
Time Constant: Variable from 15 seconds to 480 seconds
Alarm Level: Setable over the range of the instrument
Self Test: Displays “FAIL” if no counts from either GM tube in presetable time. Usually set to 1 minute
Fast Trip: Shows “FAST TRIP” in display if level exceeded in 15/16 seconds. Bypasses average level.
Calibration: Performed digitally from front panel using panel disable keyswitch.
Maintenance: Instrument has maintenance mode to allow checking all parameters
Memory: All parameters stored is permanent memory (10 years)
PSS: Personal Safety System: Relay opens on alarm, operated on watchdog principal

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